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"We'll give you that big boom!"

FOLT ROOM Mastering studio is specialised in techno, house, minimal, tech house, dance music and all other types of electronic music.

As well as being our official mastering engineer for all FOLT ROOM recordlabels.


Plans & Prices

Prices incl. 21% vat & taxes


If you would like your music mastered by FOLT ROOM Mastering studio, you must follow the next 3 steps.

Step 1

Order and pay your plan.


Step 2

Please check your music is:

  • Labelled correctly: Artist Name - Track Name (Additional info in brackets if required).
  • 44.1kHz or above.
  • 24bit .WAV or above (Mp3 is possible but not recommended)
  • Max -4dB headroom between the loudest peak of the track and 0dB.
  • No limiter on your master output and no clipping. No dither required on your pre-master.
  • If any of this sounds confusing or you are unsure, contact us.

Step 3

Then, upload the song(s) to wetransfer.com and send them to musicmakeshappy@outlook.com


After 3 days we'll send you both the mastered & the reference track by wetransfer.