Her musical talent is wide oriented.

She produces Techno, Latin House, House and more.....
The sound of DONA is alternatly spiritual and sensitive, but most of the time dark with a hint of Fantasy.
The golden magic sphere is characteristic and recurring in the artwork of her techno productions.
Together with  69 STARFIGHTER she forms also the famous techno duo CINEMA AIRPORT (known of their hits RESONANZ & MEGABOY!)
DONA KING is the rising star in the worldwide techno scene.
Other Project names of DONA KING Are:
Technocat, SOSTA NOMAG, C3PO, Spiritual Child, Stravaganza, Cinema Airport, ESSAY BOYCA, REDD HORSE, 7 RAINY DAYS, Lebgod, and Marcella Braccia

Music, Love & Spirituality is all that  counts!


RELEASES 1992 - 1998

Oriental Delegation - Mind of Memories (See Saw Records)
Spiritual child - Freaks of XTC EP (Goblins Records)
Spiritual Child - When i was young EP (Goblins Records)
Spiritual Child - Satan's ritual (Spc Music)

Spiritual Child - Mother Fuckin'Junkie (Goblins Records)
Spiritual Child - And it Goes like (Goblins Records)
Stravaganza - Code 007 (80 AUM Records)
Spiritual Child & DJ PAVO - Dick's and Bitches (DHYM)
Savannah - Ma de so ne (Paraphrase Records)
Stravaganza - Whitelove EP (Mutant)
Stravaganza - Gunfight (80 AUM Records)
SPC Hardcode - Original  (Spc Music)
C3PO - 10 Six Sex (See Saw Records)
C3PO - Entity of a Revolution (See Saw Records)
C3PO - Emotional Experience (See Saw Records)

C3PO -  DTG ken  (Spc Music)

RELEASES 2017 - 2020

Dona King - Deeper (UA Records)

Dona King - The shadows (UA Records)
Dona King - Blackmoon (UA Records)
Dona King - Case 7 (UA Records)
69 Starfighter & Dona King - Higher Journey (UA Records)

69 Starfighter & Dona King - Acid Funk

Dona King & 69 Starfighter - Robots (ALLAN FOLT)
69 Starfighter & Dona King - Burned Out! (UA Records)
Dona King & 69 Starfighter - Moonboy (Hotsenses Records)
Dona King & 69 Starfighter - Dark X-Mass (UA Records)
Dona King & 69 Starfighter - Premonition (ALLAN FOLT)

Cinema Airport- Parallel Universe

Cinema Airport-Beneath fire

Cinema Airport -  Wake up again!

Cinema Airport & Puk Bannov - Can you feel my love (ALLAN FOLT)
Cinema AirPort - Rotating Minds (ALLAN FOLT)
Cinema Airport- Shockwaves
Cinema Airport - Human (ALLAN FOLT)
Cinema Airport - Cayman (UA Records)
Cinema Airport - Berlin (UA Records)
Cinema Airport - Resonanz (UA Records)
Cinema Airport - Airmoves (UA Records)
Cinema Airport - Megaboy (UA Records)
Cinema Airport - ACHTUNG coming up!
7 RAINY DAYS - Burning man
Marcella Braccia - Avamea (ALLAN FOLT)
Marcella Braccia - Clarity (ALLAN FOLT)
Marcella Braccia & Allan Folt - Subfaces (ALLAN FOLT)

TECHNOCAT - I control your mind (ALLAN FOLT)
DINORYDER & Boy Shelter - Loco Brazil (Peppa Joe)
DINORYDER - The Arrival (Peppa Joe)
Sosta Nomag - Derivates (ALLAN FOLT)


Audial Arts - Elephant  (Cinema Airport remix)

Marshall Masters - Don't touch that stereo (Spiritual Child Remix) PCP
Noise - Scotland the rave, Guess Who!?!?   Terrortime mix) EMI
Bodyparts - Love in the first degree (Spiritual Child Hardcore mix) EMI
Bodyparts - Without You (Spiritual Child & Madman's mix) EMI
Groove Yard - Don't you tell me (Spiritual Child mix)
R. Wagner This is Madness - Holoturoidea (SPC mix) DOM Records