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"One day when the light extinguished forever, the darkness will reign…"

69 STARFIGHTER is  the dutch DJ / Producer  Peter Niemeyer.

The Starfighter projects impersonates the darkside of his musical expressions.

At this time 69 Starfighter & Dona King, his musical partner belongs to the best and upcoming Techno producers in holland.
Peter is also 50% of the epic techno duo CINEMA AIRPORT with their hit "Megaboy" (More than 400.000 streams) played by top DJ RUSH during his DJ sets.

The blue laser eyes are recognizable for 69 STARFIGHTER.

Other alter ego's of Peter Niemeyer are :

7 Rainy days, Sosta Nomag, Cassandra Sank, Technocat, Janice and Jason Dreamwalker, Redd Horse, Lebgod and much more...  al tracks are co produced with DONA KING.

Their first artist album 69 Starfighter "The darkness will reign" came out in Januari 2020



Dark Electronic music was always his favorite, but his musical talent is widely oriented approved by many other projectnames and styles (Trance, Techno, Latin House, Hardcore, Progressive) of music that he made in the past 28 Years.
He produced 64 records.
He was also responsible for 3 EP’s on the legendary Dutch technolabel SEE SAW Records in 1993-1994 were many top DJ's (like Speedy J and Maarten van der Vleuten) started their carreers.

He started making music at the age of 10

Besides his musical carrier he works as a Designer, Photographer, Law student, Audiovisual specialist, and he was acting in several Dutch movies and series like :
Flikken Maastricht, Van Speyk, Shouf shouf Habibi , Afblijven, Boks, Escort, Spijt, Circus Waltz, Vet hard, and much more.


Website : www.69starfighter-donaking-official.com